Halloween is a few days away, and kids all over central Maine are getting the final touches done for their costumes and are counting down the minutes to collect all that awesome candy while trick-or-treating! So, what are the most popular Halloween candy?This list is based on candy sales over the past year.

5. Kit Kat:
Sales: $306.51 million
Introduced: 1935
Company: Hershey
*Sales for Kit Kat have risen 17.8% over the past year

4. Hershey's:
Sales: $324.63 million
Introduced: 1900
Company: Hershey

3. Snicker's:
Sales: $456.91 million
Introduced: 1930
Company: Mars
Snickers bar sales fell just over 7% this past year.

2. M & M's:
Sales: $500.82 million
Introduced: 1941
Company: Mars
M & M's was the number one selling candy in 2012.

1. Reese's:
Sales: $509.85 million
Introduced: 1928
Company: Hershey
Sales jumped 7.7% in the past year and it moves from 2 to 1 in sales in the past year.

What are your favorite Halloween candy?

Growing up I loved Smarties, Reese's, M & M's, Clark Bars (anybody remember them?)