As 2013 comes to an end, it's always fun to look back at some of our favorite things from the year. My favorite story of 2013 has to be the toilet protest of 2013. Here's a look back at the story and an update on it.In October, Augusta resident, David Labbe disagreed with the cities decision not to allow the zoning for a Dunkin' Donuts developer to build a restaurant near Labbe's home.

If the restaurant were to have been built, Labbe's property on Davenport Street would have been purchased at triple the price of what he bought it for in 1999, according to Labbe.

To protest the cities decision, Labbe, who's a plumber, found a unique way to show his displeasure with the ruling, he collected toilets and lined them up in his yard.

He had a goal of collecting 60 to 70 toilets and to build a fence, so he couldn't see the toilets from inside his home.

The fence has been built, but as the year comes to an end, the total number of toilets stands at 28.