It's not a big secret that women tend to over analyze themselves.  But for some, doing this can almost be a debilitating disease.  I have struggled with this for many many years. 

In high school, I had an eating disorder.  I would mutilate my body to prevent myself from eating.  I have scars going down my left arm from burning myself every time I felt the urge to eat.  My weight has always been a constant enemy, but it doesn't end there.  Having my picture taken, standing in front of a mirror or anything that allows me to view my reflection causes me heartache.  What I see is scary, disfigured and not human.  Talking about it brings me to tears.

My struggle ends now!  Next week, I am joining Mend-A-Body and I am going to get healthy.  I'm going to mend my mind, as well.  I'm going to listen to those wonderful words my husband tells me everyday.  He's the first to tell me how beautiful I am everyday.  I'm so lucky.  I have 2 daughters and 4 sons and it would devastate me if they viewed themselves the way I view myself.  I need to show them that image isn't everything.

Follow me with my journey.  I will be sure to update my progress often.  Thank you for your support!