American Idol premiered last night with good reviews! I can tell you...I KNEW when they added Harry Connick Jr., I was going to be laughing. And I laughed all the way to the end! Especially when he was cradling a contestant while he was singing!


And to top it all off, a New England Patriots cheerleader made it to the 2nd round!


Stephanie Petronelli has been a Patriots' Cheerleader for 4 years and will be dancing at Sunday's game versus the Denver Broncos. She is from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and is a graduate of Bridgewater State University.

I can tell you, I agreed with Harry Connick Jr. She was GOOD but I didn't think she was GREAT. It's true when he said she wasn't using her diaphragm. When you sing for long periods of time using your throat's going to take a toll on you in the form of laryngitis and missing gigs. I agreed she would benefit from a little more vocal training to make her the best she can be! But it was 2 against 1.

Congratulations to her and the 45 other contestants from the Boston and San Antonio tryouts. American Idol continues tonight on Fox. You can check out her audition below!