Getty Images, photo by Stock Shop LLC

They call it ‘peanut butter knuckle’, when you have to get the last bit of peanut butter from the bottom of the jar and you scrape your knuckles against the side and get the contents of the jar on your hand. There may be an end to all of that thanks to some smart thinkers at North Carolina State University.

It’s called the Jar-with –a-Twist and uses the same idea as deodorant tubes use, allowing the contents of the jar to rise to the top instead of have to go down and get it. The plan for the inventors of the new jar is to pitch the idea to peanut butter makers and next year expand the idea to jelly jars, mayonnaise jars, salsa jars and who knows what else ‘jars’. Digging to the bottom of a jar to get the last of its contents may become something we tell our grandchildren we had to do in the old days.