This is amazing! It is JUST the kind of plate I want!

What a great way to help out the arts than by with a license plate?

The Maine Arts Commission (MAC) is the sponsoring state agency and are proud to help offer this plate to residents of Maine. It is the normal cost of a vanity plate: $29. It features the word 'LOVE'. You may have seen it before in MANY different places. Did you know the piece is famous AND made by Vinylhaven, Maine artist, Robert Indiana?

The MAC has been around since 1983 and have done wonderful things to support local theaters and actors and musicians in Maine. To register to get your license plate click HERE and it will bring you right to it!

Support YOUR local theaters and actors. I think it's time to retire my current plate. I'll miss my Hugh Jackman plate but it's all for a good cause! I hope they can have 7 letters on it because I have special plans for it if they do!

Photo by Sharon Buck