The astronauts do it so why not us? They recycle their water when they are on the International Space Station. Swedish industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has devised a way to recycle shower water that will save water consumption as much as 80%. To top it off, taking a shower will use only 5 liters of water or 1.32 gallons.

The water is constantly recycled in a system that filters and recirculates shower water. During a normal 10 minute shower you would use as much as 150 liters of water or 39 gallons. With his recycle unit it cuts that number down to 5 liters.

His company hasn’t release technical details about the shower system or the cost. It’s not clear if the shower will be commercially available in the United States or Europe but they have been installed in a seaside bathing house in Sweden.

Mahdjoubi graduated college just two years ago has been developing the idea since. His company is just getting off the ground so maybe in the near future we’ll know more about the OrbSys Shower.