Winter is right around the corner and fun in the snow is one of the great things about this time of year. A new sled is on the market to take sled riding to a new level. It’s the Snolo Stealth-X, built in New Zealand, by snow- sliding enthusiasts. Its design is quite different from traditional sleds. You sit upright which gives more control and better maneuverability. The big difference in the Snolo Sled and tubes or saucers is you can control it in turns.

On a normal sled you go where the sled takes you but on this super light carbon sled you can turn it by leaning in to the turn as if you were on a motorcycle.  Sean Boyd, the design director said the sled is built for power or hard snow and will reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. The sled weighs only 9lbs so getting it back up the hill is a breeze. The biggest drawback for the novice slider is the price-tag; $3000!