The new independent study found that radio frequency emissions from Central Maine Power’s Smart Meters have levels of exposure that are lower that what the Federal Communications Commission say are safe! But, that is of little comfort to those who have concerns over the smart meters' safety concerns.

As far as the health concerns go, there are those who complained that the meters are hurting their health surrounding the emission of pulsed radio-frequency (RF) radiation by the devices. Some activists say they suffered adverse effects when a smart meter was installed at their home. But to CMP, the study confirms the utility's position that smart meters are safe and that opponents actually have a wider target that includes all wireless technology, including baby monitors and garage door openers.

Then there is the other matter of privacy concerns with the use of smart meters. That information that gets transmitted can be used against the person who is connected to that account.  I have also read concerns about the meters and the possibility of fires or fried appliances.

In my home, after the smart meters were put into my neighborhood, I started having problems with my wireless internet and in my home, I had to replace a component that makes my freezer and the heating element in the stove. Coincides? Connected? I have NO idea. It just struck me as a ‘head scratcher’. I will admit, when I stop and think about all the wireless signals that are swirling around me at any given time, I have to wonder about their total effects on people.

Considering the thousands and thousands and thousands of smart meters that are out there, very few problems have been reported.Hey, I am all for technology, but I am also behind a continuous effort to look at how it all works together and is REALLY effecting our lives.