You've heard his first 2 singles "Something To Do With My Hands" and "Beer With Jesus".

So you know he's good.

But do you know these facts about Thomas Rhett?






He is the son of country star Rhett Akins (remember 'That Ain't My Truck'?)

His real name is Thomas Rhett Akins, Jr. (so obviously his dad's real name is Thomas!)

He was born in Georgia and is only 23 years old!

He co-wrote songs for Jason Aldean including 'I Ain't Ready To Quit' and '1994'

He co-wrote Lee Brice's 'Parking Lot Party'

He ALSO co-wrote 'Round Here' by Florida Georgia Line

He married his sweetheart, Lauren Gregory, last year in October

They have a dog names Kona

Listen for his latest song 'It Goes Like This' here on B98.5. It's number 22 on the charts and could be his first top ten hit!