Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

Norridgewock residents are no longer allowed to get sand for their driveways and walkways from the town public works department. The town has in the past provided sand to residents for free.However, after last weekends storm, Town Manager Michelle Flewelling made the decision to not allow residents to get anymore sand.

Norridgewock has used up most of its winter supply.

Since Monday there has been a sign at the garage that says 'No Sand'.

Many towns provide the service of providing sand in the winter to their residents.

The town of Norridgewock started the winter season with 4,500 yards of sand and has about 1,700 yards left with a few months of winter weather left. It takes 250 yards of sand to maintain the roads per storm in Norridgewock and they have already had 12 storms they have had to treat the roads for.

So far this season, the town of Norridgewock has spent more than $20,000 on salt and $12,432 on sand.