Once again this year, nurses have the highest rate of honest and ethical standards than any other profession. According to a Gallup poll, 64% of Americans say ‘nurse’ is the most trusted profession among all professionals. Coming in second, pharmacists, followed by medical doctors, high school teachers and police officers. Nurse has been the most trusted profession since 1999 with the exception of 2001 when firefighter was #1. Clergy was #1 in the Gallup poll in 1977, ‘82, ‘83 and ‘85, but has dropped since and is at #6 this year.

When there’s a top of the list, there has to be a bottom and for years members of Congress, lobbyists, telemarketers and car salespeople were there. Car Salespeople have never been at the very bottom but have been at #61 to #63 out of a possible 64. The people we elect and are supposed to trust, Congress, is usually at the bottom of the poll at #64. This year’s rating of Congress is at the lowest it’s ever been, the only profession to have a ‘new’ low rating, giving them the distinction of being the lowest ever rated in the Gallop poll of professionals.