Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Glenn and Heather Adams were expecting their third child, in fact Heather was overdue. Then it happened early Thursday morning, Heather told her husband that the baby was on the way and it was time to go to the hospital. They didn't make it there. In fact, they only made it the front door of their home.That's when Heather's water broke and she had to lay down on the floor. Glenn dialed 911 and that's when Waterville police dispatcher Sarah Bailey become part of the delivery. Bailey said that Glenn was a little frantic but was amazing, he listened to everything Bailey instructed to him and repeated back to her. Meanwhile the dispatcher immediately called for rescue and police to respond to the Adams' home.

The baby didn't wait for the professionals to arrive, Glenn told Sarah that he saw the baby's head coming out and he reached in and pulled the baby out. The new Dad followed Sarah's instructions to clear it's mouth and massage it's back. Then Bailey told him to tie off the umbilical cord using a string or shoelace. At this point the couples two daughter's ages 4 and 2 had awoken and started crying because they could hear their parents yelling. The family welcomed the new addition, Reed Christopher Adams, nine pounds, 9 ounces and 23 inches long. They were taken to Thayer Hospital in Waterville where Mom and son were doing well. The family and Waterville Police Chief Joesph Massey praised Bailey on her performance as a dispatcher. It's not the first time Bailey helped deliver a baby over the phone. In 2010 during s snowstorm, she gave instructions for delivering a baby in the back seat of a taxi.