Technology moves fast these days with better and faster, hitting the market every day. In the process some old standbys get left behind.  Live Science lists 13 things that are on the brink of extinction in your office in the coming years. Around the world professionals agree these items have seen their glory years. The list includes ‘Standard Working Hours,’ a lot of people are already working more than 40 hours or have split shifts. Also on the list is ‘Formal Business Attire’ like suits and ties. We already see more casual dress at work.

Other items expected to disappear are 'Desk Phones.’ ‘Desktop Computers.’  ‘Cubicles.’ ‘Business Cards’ and ‘copiers.’  Items that are predicted to be common within five years are: ‘Casual dress.’ ‘Web-Based Conferencing’ and ‘Flexible Working Hours.’

There are even wish list tools for future office work: Clones, a mute button for co-workers and a place to take a nap.