Preseason football has one more week to go and then the NFL starts playing for real. While the preseason doesn’t mean much as far as wins and losses go (so everyone says) it does give an indication where your team is, going into the regular season
The Patriots play their last preseason game against the NY Giants this Thursday night. The Pats are 2-1 so far, with a terrible game against Detroit, and the Giants are 1-2. As of this writing, Washington at 3-0, Seattle at 3-0 and New Orleans at 2-0 (they play tonight) are the only teams that haven’t lost so far. Five teams are 0-3, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minnesota (they play tonight), Jacksonville and Atlanta.
The regular season starts Thursday, September 5, when Super Bowl Champs Baltimore travels to Denver. The Patriots first regular season game is Sunday, September 8 and Buffalo.