We've all played it. Your parents probably introduced it to you when you were small. Or maybe it happened when your friends got their first car in high school and you went driving around with them for the first time at night. And, you admit, sometimes it got out of hand.

But one thing was for sure...it was fun!

Padiddle has, unbelievably, been around since 1948. The word was first used in a comic strip where the girl in the comic by B. Montana Archie said "Let's play ‘padiddle’.‥ When a car goes by with one headlight if I say padiddle you have to give me a kiss!" It caught on in the Pennsylvania area and became a flirting game in the 1950s.

Now, it's a game where for the duration of the trip the person who spots the most padiddles wins!  I kind of like the original concept of giving a kiss to your sweetie each time they notice it first.  Lucky for me, I lose at this every time. I would gladly lose to Chad! Time to start playing it the way it was created!

If I'm with the kids, they notice it from the back seat before I even see it!  Now that cars have headlights that are always on while the car is running it can be played more often.

I like it better than Punchbuggy. My brother used to punch my leg so hard and laugh. Yeah, Padiddle is alot easier!


Source: Walk in the Woods