It’s one thing to bet on Professional football but it’s another to bet on Pee Wee football but police in Deerfield Beach, Florida, uncovered a massive gambling operation exploiting Pee Wee kids. ESPN brought video evidence to the Broward County Sheriff’s office about 18 months ago showing parents exchanging money in the stands while watching their kids play. The 18 month investigation lead to the arrest of nine men and several coaches and found more than $100,000 waged on the youth football games.

Coaches would meet before the game and set point spreads and then made their bets. It is not believed any games where purposely thrown or that key players were kept out of games and police say there is no indication players were aware that bets were being placed. The leagues website claims the league has 22 clubs and 6,000 players and is to benefit the children and instill wholesome values. One thing that disturbs the parents that weren't betting and the police is the extensive criminal backgrounds of many of the coaches like; grand theft auto, cocaine possession and marijuana possession with intent to sell. Deerfield Beach officials have stepped up there back ground checks of new coaches in hopes of avoiding any future problems.