Aye matey, it could be the find of a lifetime for treasure hunter Barry Clifford as he searches for the only authenticated pirate ship wreck in U.S. waters, the Whydah. The Whydah was captured in 1717 by pirate captain ‘Black Sam’ Bellamy but sank off the coast of Wellfleet, Mass.

Captain ‘Black Sam’ and 145 other men on board died when a terrible storm sunk the ship but on board was the bounty they had secured from 50 vessels they had raided.

Clifford located the Whydah in 1984 and has documented more than 200,000 artifacts including gold, guns, the leg of a young crew member and the ship's bell. But recently Clifford has found evidence there is a lot more gold to be found because there is proof of at least 400,000 coins somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. He has found the 'yellow brick road', a stream of gold dust on the ocean floor he believes leads to the big find. There is a final dive of the season planned and hopes are they will hit the mother load.