If you're a lucky woman like I am, you have a man who likes your cooking. Sometimes, you make something that they are like "We need to have this every week!" It makes you feel good. Chad does that to me and every time he does, I'm ecstatic!

But SOMETIMES, a man needs his Mom's home cookin'. Am I right?

That's why I'm glad I got a VERY SPECIAL gift for Christmas!

Chad's mother, Jackie Hood, had the awesome idea to take all of the family recipes and create a cookbook of them. He talks about her Spanish Rice and the infamous Great Nana's Clam Dip! Things he only gets when he goes home to visit.

Well, not anymore!

She made the beautiful cookbook ONLIINE! And, despite what you might think, she didn't spend a fortune!

At HeritageCookbook.com, they give you many different options including adding home photos to the book! The lowest priced book can hold up to 50 recipes in black & white and is 65 pages long. That's A LOT of recipes! A minimum of 4 books would cost $9.85 each. They have published over 200,000 different cookbooks!

She gathered all the recipes she loved as a child while cooking with her grandmother, Marian Glines Richardson, and the ones she made over the years

Photo by Sharon Buck

for her husband, Dana, and her children Landis, Chad and Nate. It took her a few months to make it. Once you start, you can save the information you put in and go back another day to add another recipe. You don't have to complete it all in one sitting. Make sure you proof read everything you do. That's something the website does NOT offer. Spell Check will be your friend.

Even though I'm not officially part of the family yet, I was the lucky recipient of one. THAT filled my heart. I'm sappy and yes, I cried. Last night, Chad mentioned he LOVED his mother's Chicken & Dumplings. I went straight to the cookbook to see if it was there and, sure enough, it was! I know what I'm cooking tonight!

I hope one day everyone gets a gift like this. It's homemade and done with love. Those are the best gifts you could receive! Thanks, Mom! I love you!

Photo by Sharon Buck