Last November, an Augusta restaurant, The Red Barn, was given a letter from Attorney General Janet Mills' office, telling the restaurant to stop their Monday night fundraisers. There is a bill that has been proposed by State Rep. Lori Fowle that would eliminate state regulation and licensing requirements for nonprofit fundraisers, unless the person raising the money is being paid.The Red Barn has raised over $600,000 for local charities over the past five years.

The bill, if passed, would amend the state's Charitable Solicitations Act to limit its application to only 'professional' fund raisers, that solicit money from the public for a charitable group. The bill would exclude from regulation people, business and organizations soliciting donations without getting paid to do so.

That is exactly what Laura Benedict, the owner of The Red Barn, has been doing over the years.

A work session for the bill is set for March 11, 2014.