Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10 on the B98.5 Morning Buzz will introduce you to world renowned psychic, Maureen Hancock. Listen in the 8:00 a.m. hour as we introduce you to this amazing woman, then listen each Wednesday (same time) for your chance to call-in and talk with Maureen.

Maureen is known as the ‘Psychic in Suburbia’ who is a wife and mother from the Boston area that can speak with the dead. He mission is to bring closure and clarity to lost and grieving souls.

Maureen’s current book is ‘The Medium Next Door: The Adventures of a Real Life Ghost Whisperer’ which is part memoir and part next door neighbor. She also has a T.V. show on the Style Network called ’Psychic in Suburbia’ which will air through the summer.

We’ll talk to Maureen Hancock on the phone on the Morning Buzz Wednesday, July 10.