Remember last season, the team that nobody expected that much from ended up winning the World Series? Apparently the ownership of the Boston Red Sox either don't remember or don't care that the team's best pitcher Jon Lester is about to leave the team.

The Red Sox were reported to have offered Lester a 4-year deal worth $70 million. The popular thought is that Lester could easily fetch a 6-year deal worth around $150 million.

What will the Red Sox do? Will they offer Jon Lester a better deal? Or, with the major league baseball trade deadline on Thursday, will they trade him?

The team had already traded pitcher Jake Peavy and at least a few more players should be traded by the deadline. I am thinking Johnny Gomes, Andrew Miller, Mike Carp will all be shipped out of town.

That leads us to our 'Question of the Day': Do you think the Red Sox should trade Jon Lester?