Boston baseball fans are loving the hustle of utility infielder Brock Holt. The Red Sox resigned their shortstop from last season Stephen Drew. This is setting up an interesting situation for the team.

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With first baseman Mike Napoli coming back this Sunday and Xander Bogaerts being moved to third base, it looks like Brock Holt's playing time will be sharply reduced. Here's where the interesting situation comes into play.

The Red Sox signed Stephen Drew for $10 million to play the final four months of the season. They moved

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Xander Bogaerts to third base. Mike Napoli

is coming off the disabled list this weekend and will man first base. So where does that leave Brock Holt?

Brock has sparked the team from the lead off spot in the lineup and has played solid defense and he has played third base, first base and is said to be learning to be in the outfield. He also is an experienced second baseman. So far this season, Brock Holt has a .326 average with one home run and 11 RBI's.

Stephen Drew is one of the best defensive players in the league. He has some pop in his bat. In 2013, Drew hit for a .253 average with 13 HR's and 67 RBI's.

So that all leads to the Question of the Day: Stephen Drew or Brock Holt? Who would you rather have playing everyday for the Red Sox?