Yesterday I picked who I thought were going to win each divisions in the NFL’s AFC , so today ,let’s take a look at the NFC Divisions. These maybe a little tougher but we’ll start in the East.
The NFC East has three teams that have a chance of winning the division: Dallas, Washington and New York. I don’t think the Philadelphia Eagles will compete this year because of a lot new players and a new head coach bringing in a new system. Washington with RG3 looked better last year but we have to see how the Redskins QB can hold up after his knee injury. Dallas still has to prove they can win in high pressure games, and QB Tony Romo, despite the big contract he received, has to prove he can lead this team. New York Giants know how to win if they stay healthy and keep playing hard at the end of the year. QB Eli Manning had a so-so year last season so I expect him to come on strong this year.

New York Giants win NFC East

The NFC North seems a lock for the Green Bay Packers, who have Aaron Rogers behind center, but he lost a couple of key receivers and in the NFC North a running game is a good thing to have, but the Packers don’t. Detroit has talent, especially at the skill positions, but the lions are one of the most penalized teams in the league, the have a lot of turnovers and somehow, someway, the Lions find a way to loose. Minnesota has Adrian Peterson at running back and a good front four on defense but it’s hard to give them more than 9 wins this year. The Chicago Bears have a good defense and if Jay Cutler can get some protection and lower his turnovers, they could give the Packers a run for their money.

Green Bay Wins NFC North

The NFC South has two teams that will compete for the top spot: Atlanta and New Orleans. The Saints get their head coach and play caller ,Sean Patton, back after a year suspension, and that will make a big difference. They have a new defensive scheme, and they need to improve from being the worst defense in the league last year. Atlanta finally won a playoff game last year and they are solid on both sides of the ball, QB Matt Ryan is a top notch QB and they have a better than average running game. Carolina and Tampa Bay play hard but will fall short this year.

Atlanta wins NFC South

The NFC West is considered the toughest division in the league, but it only comes down to two teams for the top spot. San Francisco, who lost the Super Bowl last year, and Seattle who barley lost to the 49’rs in the playoffs. San Francisco has added some defensive help to an already great D, and they added more speed in their wide receiver corp. Seattle has a wide open offense and a very tough defense, could be the best in the league. These two teams meet twice this year and whoever wins those games could win the division. St. Louis and Arizona will fight it out for last place in the division.

Seattle wins NFC West