Boy, time seriously flies by.  On this day, last year...I sat down and contemplated what my goals would be for 2016.  Easy enough.  Today, I find myself going back through them.  Which ones did I stick to?  Which ones did  I fail at?  What's my plan for 2017?

First...let's look at last year's resolutions:

  • I want to get organized.
  • I want to be more forgiving.  Holding onto anger seems to only effect me vs the person I’m angry at.  So by offering forgiveness, I’m releasing a prisoner…which is me.
  • I want to challenge myself.  Which I will need to do during recovery.  I can’t succumb to the pain, but push through it and get better.
  • I want to try new things.  I did this a lot this past year and I just want to continue that mentality.  It really has helped me break through my anxiety.
  • Start a memory jar.  I saw this on pinterest and love the idea of it.
  • I want to listen more
  • Less Social Media

Oh WOW!!  Now let's pick each one apart and see where I went wrong...

  • I want to get organized.  - NEVER even tackled this one.  In fact, I think I became LESS organized in 2016.
  • I want to be more forgiving.   - Hhhmmm...I think I'm about 50% there...but it's sooooo boring!
  • I want to challenge myself.  -  DONE!  Nailed it!  I had more challenges in 2016 and I think I handled them all pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.
  • I want to try new things.  - This one is ify.  I should have been more specific
  • Start a memory jar.- Who was I kidding??  It was a good suggestion though.
  • I want to listen more  - Huh?
  • Less Social Media - That's HYSTERICAL!!  How'd that work for ya, Sarah!?!

So, now I'm sitting here trying to decide what my resolutions will be 2017.  Maybe I need easier goals.  Something more attainable.  Let's see...

  • I want to swear less.  McCoy thinks I have a potty mouth in front of my kids.
  • I'd like to start matching my socks
  • I'd like to actually fill my gas tank, just once.  Rather than $20 at a time.
  • Don't pick my nose in my car
  • Eat more bacon
  • Stop snoring
  • Go to New York
  • Fantasize about going to Aruba
  • Take more naps

Fingers crossed.  I think this is a list I can handle.  Check back in a year from now...we'll see how successful I am.