Yesterday I was taking it easy on the couch and flipping through channels. It was just about 3 when I saw what was coming up: 'Sister Act'. I hadn't seen that movie in, probably, 10 years. You know music lifts me up. I threw the fuzzy throw over me and settled myself on the couch for 2 and 1/2 hours of pure enjoyment!

Do you know how old that movie is?

22 years old! SERIOUSLY? Sister Mary Clarence has staying power.

And to top it all off, 'Sister Act 2' came on after that! The film that launched Lauryn Hill before The Fugees.

I think my favorite character is Kathy Najimy who plays the ditzy nun, Sister Mary Patrick. She also starred in 'Hocus Pocus' and 'The Wedding Planner'.

Speaking of weddings, the little old lady that gave Adam Sandler gave singing lessons to in 'The Wedding Singer' was ALSO a nun. Ellen Albertini Dow went on to star in 'Patch Adams' and 'Wedding Crashers'.

Sister Act 2 was one of the very last movies for Mary Wickes. She was always a sidekick, never a star but I remember her in many films like 'On Moonlight Bay' and 'The Trouble With Angels'.

Both these films are family friendly. Both feature a good message and an overall good feeling. I hope the next generation watches these movies.