I was watching a special on ESPN about Roberto Clemente and it brought back some memories on an earlier story I wrote. This special was in Spanish with subtitles called 'The Clemente Effect' and mentioned a couple of things I had forgotten about. In the 1960 World Series when the Pirates beat the Yankees, it was Clemente beating out an infield hit that allowed Bill Mazeroski to hit the walk off home run that won the series.

The thing that brought back the most memories was the sadness on people’s faces after they heard the news that Roberto Clemente died. I forgot what a sad day that was for people that followed baseball and those that didn’t, but knew Clemente as a ballplayer and a humanitarian. When I saw those faces during the ESPN special it all flashed back to all the kids in the neighborhood in disbelief and the hope of everyone that the plane Clemente was on would be found, but, it never was.

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