I received a wonderful complement this morning, I was told by someone that she thinks it is cool how I do not really care that much what people think or say about me. As I have sat here thinking about that, what a really nice thing to say. I have worked to develop that and glad others can see it!

As time as gone on I care less and less. I know I am honest, I do my best, I care about kids, animals and not harming others.  I know I am imperfect and that is ok.  Gees, I do have areas of my life I wish to improve, but I want to make those improvements for ME and not anyone else.  I may ask others for their opinion but that is only I honestly am looking for input, a different view point and will them consider that information, but in the end, it will be my choice or decision.

In reality, most things are not really that big of a deal. Will that problem matter in a few days,months or next year? Probably not.  Many problems just go away if you don’t give them your attention or energy. (or how I make being lazy work for me) The hardest thing for me is letting go of things; but even that I have been turning into a chance to evaluate the situation. I ask myself what I may have done differently or what that other person may have been thinking or feeling.  Those answers often will give you a lot of insight.

I am a bit of student of human nature. I think it is one of the reasons I LOVE Facebook.  People can be so open about who and what they are. Set judgment aside, it is fascinating. I have a few rules for my life on who I like, who I don’t care for and who.  I have no need to evaluate anyone for any reason other than who they are.  Just because I may not click with someone does not make them a bad person. We are just different.

We are all a work in progress and on our own journeys.  I am on mine and you are on yours. Really, how cool is that?