One of the great baseball players of all time #6, Stan ‘Stan the Man’ Musial, died on Saturday at the age of 92. He was not only one of the greats but a great baseball name. In this day of free agency and players moving from team to team, Stan Musial played for the St Louis Cardinals his entire 22 year career.

Musial, a left handed hitter won seven National League batting titles, three MVP’s and helped the Cardinals to three World Series championships. Stan Musial came to play every day, batting .331 with 475 home runs during his career and played in 24 All Star games.

Musial loved people, performing magic tricks for crowds of fans and always carried signed baseball cards to hand out to kids. The most amazing statistic for Stan Musial was that he had exactly 1,815 hits at home and exactly 1,815 hits on the road.