Let me start by saying Chantel is what you want in a person who is working with your beloved pet, patient and kind. And boy, did she need those personality traits when she met ShadowDog. We went there because Chantel specializes in teeth cleaning. That is in addition to the grooming services she offers.

Chantel’s Grooming in Oakland offered the teeth cleaning services, but also full grooming services for dogs AND cats! You can save 50% on grooming services with Chantel at Seize The Deal!

The vet had told me that he was going to need a good teeth cleaning. It was going to cost me some decent money and the scary part; they were going to put him under so they could do it. I understand why, Shadow Dog is NOT a big fan of having his teeth worked on.

So we went to visit for Chantel to see what she could do.  ShadowDog was all happy until she started to work.  He turned into a 45 pound squirmy, wiggly, twisty mass of canine.  I did my best to help her and to keep him still.  I was getting frustrated, but Chantel was calm and sweet with him. So, I do not have a lot of photos since I was using most my strength to try and hold ShadowDog still.

After a while, it was clear to both of us that we needed a ‘plan B’. So, Chantel set me up with some special dog toothpaste to help get a head start on getting some of that stuff to soften up. And since I am doing this every day to ShadowDog, I am hoping that when we go back next month for the next visit, he will be a little bit more calm, cool and collected.