I had a problem. I have neighbors who last year put in a pool. But because of the way our back yards meet, the pool looked like it was in my back yard and because of the way my yard slopes I always felt like seeing only their pool, deck and into their living room. It made me uncomfortable. So what to do? Visit Wingate Garden Center & Landscape is what you do.  How about a fence. Nope, I could only put in fence that was 6 feet high. That would not block the pool. The slope of the yard is such I would be able to see into the pool. Finally it came to me….a privacy hedge.  It would look nice, grow to cover the space I want to cover and look nice for my neighbors as well.

After my brilliant hedge idea, where do get it? What will it cost me?  On a lark I drove down to Wingate Garden Center & Landscape, 907 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner. First of all I got the information I needed!  I just needed to know what my options were and general cost.  I did not get that ‘welllll, it all depends on blah, blah, blah’.  I got answers!!  I got the information I needed to make a decision!!  I got it from Joe with a great attitude and no hassle. Ok. SOLD!

So we had to wait for the super-hot summer weather was over and on Monday September 9th my arborvitae were installed in my back yard. They arrived at 7:30am and by 2pm they were cleaned up and gone!  12 trees were in and PERFECT!

While the guys were working they were wonderful with my questions and were so professional.  They are putting in trees, you make a mess. But I never saw much of one. In fact, as they were leaving told them they were ‘magic’!  You look at it now; there is almost no way to tell they were there.  Except I have trees!

So I just need to give them a little growing time and they will start to fill in and cover the sight line and give me the privacy I want in my backyard. YES!  Since Wingate Garden Center & Landscape is also a full-service landscape company offering installation, maintenance and removal of landscapes! I might work on a few other projects and turn my back yard into a mini version of the Gardens of Versailles.

So if you have a project, big or small, need some things to dress up the outside of you home for fall or winter, Wingate Garden Center & Landscape. But save yourself a little on what you need and Seize The Deal at 92Moose.fmWingate Garden Center & Landscape, get a $15 gift card for only $10.50.

Any thing you do with Wingate Garden Center and Landscape will help you make it happen.