Anderson is a member of Taconnet Federal Credit Union and they were going to have their festival on Saturday. He received the notice in the mail a few weeks ago and he was looking forward to it. I made arrangements to pick him up for a few hours.

But it rained. So, we went home to find some other things to do: his choice! What did we do?

We played Wii!!! There was Dog Frisbee, Parachuting, Basketball. It was really fun. However, I am pretty bad at all three. It didn't matter because I was spending time with him!

And how can you have a rainy day without making cookies? I don't have a lot of time to make the fresh homemade kind (although I squeeze  it in here and there). The store bought taste good, too! We bought the new flag kind from Pillsbury.. It IS getting close to the 4th of July!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and know that, even though we only had 2 hours together, we made the MOST of it! You can, too! We have a lot of rain have fun and keep them busy. But most of all play with them and let them know they're loved.