It's been just over a year and a half since I received his first text. A simple one saying that he and his band wanted to adopt a family for our B98.5 Salvation Army Christmas Castle.

Little did I know that one text would potentially lead to a lifetime together.

I was going through a divorce and he had ended a relationship. As we talked for a few days I told him my band was playing at the Clubhouse Tavern at the Maple Lane Golf Course that Saturday. I asked him if he wanted to come and see us and he said he would.

I had known him for about 6 years. I got see him 1 day a year: the last Saturday of June. Each year he entered the Country Showdown. For the first few years as a soloist, the last few with his band Cold Blue Steel. Each year, I would think "He is so handsome!" and each year his singing and performance got better. I was very impressed.

We got to dance one dance that December night. While we were dancing, I kicked off my heels and we tore it up! What a great time. We both had a nice time talking to each other and I hoped to see him again.

And I did.

I traveled to Auburn where he worked and brought him lunch a few times. We went to each other's gigs and, well, we clicked. And we have been inseparable ever since.

Many of our friends and listeners of the station have been telling us how happy they are for us. They love seeing both of us so happy together.

He told me earlier in the week to get a babysitter for Saturday night and I did. His parents, Jackie and Dana, were there. His brother, Nate, was there. His sister, Sonya, and one of her daughters, Lyss, were there. His parents and the patrons didn't know but the others did. I was oblivious to it all.

After the first set he said we were going to sing a song for his mom for Mother's Day. The song "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" by Thompson Square is our song. I was nervous because we hadn't sung it in a few months. But he started playing his guitar and off we went!

The words are "Are you gonna kiss me or not? Are we gonna do this or what? I think you know I love you alot. I think we got a real good shot. Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

Chad changed the words when he got down on one knee and sang "Are you gonna marry me or not? Are we gonna do this or what? I think you know I love you alot and it ain't never gonna stop. Are you gonna marry me or not?"

And I said yes!!!!!

I had posted something last week that said "You only get one true love in your lifetime....and I've found mine." I truly have.