The first day of 'TANKS'giving is always the hardest. Glitches, feedback, burnt out lights and the cold! Looking at the weather all weekend it said sunny and highs of 44 degrees. That's pretty warm compared to a few 'TANKS'givings we've had in the past. Last year we were spoiled with great weather.

This year, it looks like it's going to be a challenge! BRING IT, MOTHER NATURE!

Just being at the Walmart in Augusta at the Marketplace at Augusta with Sergeant Frank Niles of the Maine Army National Guard for a few hours, you see how generous some people can really be. When parents are showing their children how to be kind to others, it makes you feel so good! We filled a few boxes in just a few hours and our cash donations have been incredible!

Everything was going great until it started to snow. Flurries started coming down and the wind decided to pick up. The temperature dropped a little bit and because I wasn't wearing proper foot attire (my winter boots) my feet got cold quickly. Even though I had mittens on, my fingers definitely started in on the first stages of frostbite along with my toes. Parents, bundle up your kids this time of year! When I got back to the station I put my tootsies in front of a portable heater!

Not only do we here at B98.5 need to be prepared for the weather but the Salvation Armies and local food pantries need to be prepared to feed the hungry. The food and money we collect lasts well beyond New Year's Day.

Please, help us help the families in your area. You may not know who they are. They could very well be your next door neighbor, the buddy down the street that helps you out with your car or the little lady down the street that helps your child off the bus every day.

Check our website for where we will be during the week! EVERY PENNY COUNTS!!!

Photo by Sharon Buck