It's been 5 months since I decided to form my own band. It was the scariest thing I've ever had to do. It's also the most exciting! Sharon Buck & Dixon Road has become a reality!

Finding the musicians to work for you isn't hard. It's the finding of musicians that work WITH you and WITH the other members that is the hard part.

I found my drummer, Rick Mailhiot, at a gig for Chad's band, Cold Blue Steel. He was a fill-in drummer one night in Kingfield and I had been thinking of starting my band then. We actually sang a few songs together while sitting at the table during breaks and we harmonized really well together. When I decided to start the band he was the FIRST person I thought of. By day he is the manager of Town Fair Tire in Auburn, by night...UNBELIEVABLE drummer!

I put up a post on my Facebook page looking for musicians. Mark Parlin, formerly of the Coyote Drifters, answered the call. A talented rhythm player, Mark's been playing around central Maine and he is well known and liked. He has really helped me figure out what songs to do and because he's been a leader before, he's showing me the ropes and it's been such a big help! Mark works for the Maine DOT and lives in China.

I called my friend Roger Sampson, a guitar teacher in Augusta and long-time friend, and asked him if he knew any lead guitarists and bass players. He told me he would pass the word around and only give me quality people. That's what I got.

A call from Drew Salisbury, a student at UMA studying music and audio engineering, sealed the deal! Now living in Augusta, Drew is the young pup. At just 24, he can pick with the best of them! He can also build his own equipment (he built the black guitar he uses and the sound cabinet) and fix anybody elses. He has practiced hard and really helped bring the band together! You'll see him either at the UMA campus or at Amatos on Western Avenue in Augusta. He not only plays a mean solo but also makes a mean sandwich.

After placing an ad on BandMix, Ed Nevins gave me a call. Originally from New York, he now lives Belgrade with his wife and 9 horses. He's played bass in many bands and was looking for a change. From the rock band he was playing in he made the switch to country (YAY!) and has started listening to a certain radio station. Wonder what station THAT could be? We've nicknamed him Ever Ready Eddie because he is always ready to play!

We've all been together as a group for almost 2 months. Due to snowy weather, some practices were cancelled but we have all been practicing on our own and when we get together it is one big party. I have never laughed so much while playing music!

You'll hear the sounds of Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Kip Moore, Little Big Town, Dierks Bentley...just to name a few! Don't forget all the classic rock songs that you all know and love!

Last night, at our last practice before our VERY FIRST GIG at Front Street Tavern in Farmington Friday night, we went through so many things my head was spinning! We packed up all the gear, decided who was bringing what and decided on a time to meet on Friday.

Here we go...It's now or never. Thank goodness we have so many good friends who believe in us and want to see us succeed. We have been blessed with good wishes! We hope to see you down the Dixon Road soon! Here is a sample of us performing Little Big Town's 'Pontoon' at Crystal Falls in Chelsea.