There are so many opportunities out there to show your music to as many people as possible. The New England based television 'Community Auditions Star of the Day' has been around since the 1950's and I got the chance to add my name to the list of the thousands that have been on the show.

So how did I do?

It was a long day. Chad and I drove down on 4 hours sleep to be there for 10am. It was being filmed at Bull Run in Springfield, Massachusetts. There was a lot of hurry up and wait because they were taping 6 shows that day. I was in the 4th show, which didn't begin taping until 3pm.  However, I had the opportunity to watch the other contestants and see my friend Deborahanne Mayer and have lunch with her and her family.

When it came time for my show, everything went into super speed. I was rushed to the dressing room for hair and makeup and then interviewed for the segments that runs on TV between the contestants. Right after that it was "Sharon, we need you on stage now." I rushed off to the band and had a 5 minute rehearsal with them. The men that made up the band all said they loved the song and when Cliff, the lead guitarist asked "Who wrote it?" I told him that I did.  They were all so surprised and they said "WOW! This is really rockin'! We've been waiting all week to play it!"

No matter what happened after that, my day was made! Why? Because my goal was to have my parents get the chance to see me on TV and have them hear me sing a song I wrote.  And now, that was possible!

I was up against a young man who sang, played guitar AND harmonica and two young ladies who had won the previous episode.  After fantastic responses from the judges we all stood their waiting to see who would be crowned.

It wasn't me.

That's okay because the BEST was yet to come.

The man who books the talent at Bull Run, Steve, wanted my business card for the band! He said "I don't do this but if the rest of your band is as good as that ONE performance, I'm going to see what I can do about booking you here!"

Wait.....there's MORE!!

The leader of the production crew that records the entire show came to see me. He had not been upstairs all day. He specifically came up to see me. Turns out, as they were filming the entire crew said, "That's the girl who's going to win." They were all in shock when my name wasn't called. I told him the main reason for getting on the show was exposure for the band and to have my parents see me on TV, as they don't leave the house very much and never get to see me perform.

It was no big deal about losing. He then said something that I loved to hear. He had just finished working with Bruno Mars and he has a few friends in Nashville he would like to get my song to.


I gave him my business cards and he said, "I will definitely be in touch. I just had to come up and meet you. You need to be on stage."

I think I came in first all along....