It's been a long time coming but I've finally decided to take care of myself.

And I'm having mixed emotions.

I know it's the right thing to do but I'm taking away my right to choose...and that makes me conflicted.

You see, I'm having a hysterectomy at the new MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta, The Alfond Center for Health. Randy jokes and says "Hey, you're the first one from B98.5 that's having surgery at the new hospital! That's pretty cool!"

Yes, that IS pretty cool. But I'm also pretty nervous.

I've had my wisdom teeth out and also had an ACL replacement in my left knee. Those surgeries I wasn't nervous for. Why? Because they weren't "working parts".

Do you get what I mean?

Teeth are just there to chew. My knee is there to help me walk. My insides are there because, well, they are INSIDE and they do things. They work in a system that makes a woman...a woman. But for the past 5 years, it hasn't been working right and I have been suffering. And Dr. George of Waterville Women's Care has given me the green light for the operation.

Chad and I aren't looking to have children. We are happy (very happy) with the ones we have. I take precautions to make sure I don't get pregnant. It's just the thought of not be able to have children if, by some miracle, God decided to bless us with one even with all the precautions.

It's time to take care of myself and many women have told me it's the best thing they've done for themselves. So, I will be on a mini vacation for the week following doctor's orders, watching movies and getting waited on by Chad and the kids. The doctor said I can't perform for a few weeks as well because I use those muscles to sing with. It doesn't mean I can't practice new songs...

Have a wonderful week! I will be back next Wednesday a happier and healthier Sharon!