It is SO COLD outside and it is almost JUNE! Thank goodness for my car.

After I hit the moose last year, I was NOT looking forward to "hunting" for a new one. Especially, when I knew that we didn't have the money.

I knew I wanted another wagon because we have a big family and with band equipment, it's necessary.

But having THIS feature put it over the edge!

I have never had a car with heated seats before. And on days like THIS, I'm glad I have them! Waking up and driving at 4:30 at 43 degrees this morning is NOT FUN!

Letting you car warm up for 5 minutes and putting the heater on 5 is AWESOME!  You'll burn your butt if you keep it there so turn it down when you get in.

EVERY car I will ever own will have this feature from now on!!