It's one of my absolute FAVORITE albums of all time. I just can't help it. A few of my friends says she only sings 8 notes and there really isn't anything special about her.

I think they're crazy!

How could anyone not like Shania?

I remember watching her very first video "What Made You Say That?" on CMT, when CMT actually played videos. She was new and fresh and happy. People were up in arms because her belly button showed. That was insane to do back in 1993, but I wish that was all people showed in videos today. The album didn't do well but critics liked it.

Then she teamed up with Mutt Lange and her career skyrocketed! I own each and every album. I know each and every song. But for some reason the album UP! is the one that really gets me moving.

I put it in the cd player in the car 2 weeks ago and I have been playing it constantly! The singles 'Up!', 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good' and 'Forever and For Always' are some of my favorites! BUT 'Ain't No Particular Way', 'Ka-Ching' and 'What A Way To Wanna Be' I could sing forever!

Is it one of YOUR favorite albums? If not, what is YOUR go-to album of choice?