I am having my dream come true on Sunday as I take the field at Fenway Park to sing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch when the Boston Red Sox play the Kansas City Royals.  I'm taking Anderson, my boyfriend, Chad Hood and my best friend, Amber Bachelder, to Boston to attend.

I have been singing since I was 17 and sent my request to sing for the Red Sox back in February. I got the call on August 15th from the manager of entertainment, Dan Lyons, to sing. Sunday is Maine Day and the stands will be loaded with faithful Red Sox fans and many people I know! So tune in to the 7th inning stretch for, maybe, a glimpse of me taking the field! It's a long shot to see me but I'm taping the game anyway! I hope my parents who watch EVERY game get a glimpse of their little girl on National TV.

To everyone out there that has a dream they CAN COME TRUE!!  I want to show Anderson that he can do anything!! Whether it's singing, becoming a doctor or even starting his own business. REACH FOR IT! Keep working at what you want and apply yourself. It may take a while (20 years for me) but it can happen!! Next stop: The Grand Ole Opry!!!!