ANYONE and I mean ANYONE that knows me knows I have a HUGE imagination. And watching horror movies just makes my imagination that much worse.



I've talked with people that have said Paranormal Activity was the scariest movie they had ever seen!  Chad was home with Netflix and said he was going to watch the third one. After he did I asked him if he thought I could handle it. He said there were some jumpy spots but it's not THAT bad.

So, after taking aspirin for a headache, we snuggled on the couch under a blanket and I was prepared for the fright of my life!

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I was jumped a couple times but other than was ok. I was very surprised. I HATE horror movies. But I think what scares me the most is the creatures horror movies create. The movie "The Grudge" is probably the WORST horror movie I could have seen. My imagination is so vivid I STILL get the shivers if I have to look around quickly. I'm afraid that girl in the movie will be there!

Paranormal Activity movies are perfect for me. I like ghosts and I like not being able to see them! Bring 'em on!!!