It's been a long time. A very long time. I graduated from Lawrence High School in 1992. And Ioved every minute of it. When I was a teenager, I didn't really do much. So going to school was fun because we didn't have to stay home.

I was pleasantly surpriesd when I asked Andy Capwell to decide who should get the Teacher of the Month for December. He was reading through the entries and decided on a teacher from Lawrence Junior High School. So to take a trip back would be fun.

Little did I know it was one of MY teachers!

In 7th grade, my science teacher, Charles Andrews, made school fun. He was one of those teachers where you thought "I don't want to be late for HIS class!" We explored everything from the universe to the nature right behind our school.

There was one trip I remember. We were out back exploring the ecosystem and there is a swamp. When Mr. Andrews asked "What are these plants" pointing to the cattails I piped up and said "Those are swampdaddies!" The entire class laughed. That's what we called them in Connecticut. I had moved to Maine just a few years before and I guess I hadn't quite caught on with the lingo. But he just smiled and said "Yes, that's another name for them." But I think he knew full well he had never heard them called that before.

Turns out a lot of students feel the same way I did about Mr. Andrews as my teacher. Going through the entries there was more than one for him by different students. That's a good sign that a teacher is doing a great job. 

Walking the halls, I remembered my old Spanish room where Ms. Chesley taught. I saw Mr. Rodrique and Mr. McGee there, too! I stopped by the library wondering if the librarian, Ms. Scott, was still there...AND SHE WAS!!!  It was so wonderful to see them all again!

I wonder if Mr. Andrews will be around in another 6 years for him to be Anderson's science teacher. He said he's not going anywhere for a while...I hope Anderson gets to experience the fun of learning from him. Great teachers are remembered and, Mr. Andrews, you are a great teacher!

Please nominate a Teacher of the Month and they are in for the monthly prize of a trophy from Yankee Trophy in Benton and also a certificate from us to a local restaurant. All nominees are in for the Teacher of the Year in which the winning teacher's school will receive $1,000 in school supplies from Maine Education Credit Union.