I've never been to Carrabassett Valley before. I've been through it to get to Sugarloaf but never had the opportunity to stop and visit for a while.

I'm sure glad I did!

My band, Sharon Buck & Dixon Road, had the honor of singing before the fireworks. When I pulled in they were doing fire truck rides, there was a pool and, of course, the site was right on the Carrabassett River.

There were adults and kids in the pool and in the river. I KNEW I should have brought my suit! We had a 10 minute sprinkle but after that it cleared up and got just a little bit cooler.

At EXACTLY 9pm the fireworks went off! And we weren't disappointed! What a great show! I hope we can be back next year. Here are some pics from the fireworks last night. Please feel free to share yours. Make sure you tell us where they were!