With Halloween right around the corner, I have a mystery on my hands!

I'm not really sure how to say it but here goes:

I think the neighborhood cat is back from the dead!

I have lived in my home in Clinton for almost 3 years and on our road there are 2 cats: a white one and black one. And last week when I was coming home I noticed the little black one had bit hit by a vehicle on Hinckley Road. I was pretty upset because it was a very friendly cat. Many times we would turn down our road and the cat would be jumping a mouse. I always saw it with a mouse in its mouth. It was pretty impressive.

I know the kids liked seeing the cat, too, but with it being dead and me going to pick up the kids to bring them home, I called the Clinton Police and they contacted the Animal Control Officer to remove the dead kitty. And they did.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday as I turned down our road...THERE IT WAS!!!

Or was it?

A black cat, same size, a mouse in its mouth was walking down our road! I don't know of any other black cats in the neighborhood!

Maybe this cat had 9 lives? Freaks me out!!