I was so looking forward to Saturday morning because I was going to get pampered at Mahala's Day Spa and get my first facial!

Nothing like having healthy, glowing skin!

I had a wedding to sing at and wanted to look my best!

Healthy skin is so important. That's what makes people look younger than they are! When you have a facial at Mahala's Day Spa with Audrey she lets you know how healthy it really is.

We started out in a soothing room with calming music. She applied a cleansing layer, warm towels and two layers of exfoliation. All the while, Audrey was so nice to talk to. I found out she has been doing this for a few years and loved it because she made people happy and feel beautiful.

What a great job to have. And to love it like she does, well you can see the happiness it brings her.

She also used a magnifying glass to check my skin. She can see whether or not pimples or blackheads are starting to form and is able to remove the excess toxins just under the surface to make your skin glow!

Photo by Sharon Buck

By the time we were done, which was about an hour, I was relaxed and my skin felt so good! She also gave me a serum to use at night to keep my skin looking as good as it did Saturday.

At the wedding, I had no idea I would get compliments on my skin. Did it make THAT much of a difference? It sure did.

Make an appointment with Audrey today and have your skin feel clean, healthy and help it stay that way. YOU deserve it! Check out the FABULOUS deals she has on our Seize The Deal on our website www.b985.fm!