Skip Ewing from the Official Skip Ewing Facebook page

You may not remember from the late 1980s but he is all around us in the country music world. I know him so well, I can listen to a song and KNOW Skip Ewing wrote it by the subject matter, the wording of the song, the message his music conveys. He really is amazing.

It all started, again, upstairs in my bedroom, when I was a freshman in high school in 1988. 'You're Memory Wins Again' was his first single of his debut album The Coast of Colorado. Not only did I love his voice but I could tell there was something special about this man. There was an intensity in his voice but also a softness. He wasn't your typical twangy country singer. And THAT is coming from someone who thought she was going marry Randy Travis!

His second single sold me as a fan forever. 'I Don't Have Far to Fall' was a love song of a man hearing his girl say she loves him and he doesn't quite know how to answer. He THINKS it's love but isn't quite sure hence the words 'If I'm not in love...I don't have far to fall." The melody is sweet and simple. He doesn't need a lot of instruments and sound effects to make a point with his music.

His Christmas album 'Following Yonder Star' that you can't find anymore unless you're on Ebay, or in my home, has the song 'Christmas Carol' that is requested multiple times a day in the holiday season. Yeah, THAT'S the guy I'm talking about!  He wrote and sings that song!

But that's not ALL he's written. How about songs for Diamond Rio, Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Collin Raye, Bryan White, Willie Nelson, Wynonna, George Jones, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Randy Travis...just to name a few! Over 250 of his songs have been recorded! He won the CMA Triple Play Award for having 3 Number 1 songs in 12 months.

This is the man that makes me want to write music. He makes me want to write love songs and songs that have meaning. Songs that touch people. He is truly amazing.

Please take a moment to watch one of my favorite song of him. It's called 'A Lighter Shader of Blue' and I love it! This is a live version and sounds just as good as the recording.