Ok. You can stop laughing. Yes, that is my high school yearbook picture. 1992 was a very good year. However, not a good year for fashion.

The reason I humiliate myself in front of all of you today is to tell you the exciting news I received yesterday. I receieved a phone call from my old woodshop teacher, Mr. Mark Swett. It was such a surprise! After pleasentries were exchanged he asked me a question that blew me away. He asked me if I would like to sing the National Anthem at my alma mater Lawrence High School's Homecoming Game. He remembers me singing in high school at many sporting events and, with the recent experience at Fenway Park, he asked to have me there. I automatically said YES! The game is on October 12th. The festivities start with the parade through downtown all the way back to the high school.

I never got to participate in Homecoming or go to the games. I went to very few football games even though I only lived 2 blocks away. My parents were a little strict but they kept me out of trouble! But I DO remember the excitement in the school halls, the cheerleaders and football players dressed in their uniforms, the pep rallys, the blue and gray days. It's all coming back to me now.

I'm very happy to represent the alumni of the school.  All I can say is GO BIG BLUE!!!