This was something I never did as a kid. I never had the opportunity because we didn't own a tent.

Until now.

Did you ever sleep outside in a tent in your yard? I wish I had. Luckily, I can live through Anderson, Bradley and Jayden.

We were around the fire last night making s'mores and the kids were talking about camping. Chad told me the story of how one Summer he and his brother, Nate, spent the entire time sleeping outside in a tent.

There are some experiences every kid should have and when the kids heard this they asked of they could do it last night.

Photo by Sharon Buck

Chad was all for it! He found his tent in the garage and we set it up for them. Now, this was 8:30 at night. Usually the kids go to bed at 8pm IS Summer vacation. By 9pm they were all in their jammies, their teeth brushed and pillows and stuffed animals in hand. We went out and put some comforters down and found Chad's Coleman lantern so they could have a nightlight. We also kept the 2 outside lights on...just in case they needed to come in.

We warned them while they were inside the tent: #1: No scaring each other. #2: Turn off the nightlight when you are ready to sleep. #3: Go to sleep!

Well, around 10:20pm they were still yammering away! I told them "Get to sleep!" About 5 minutes later...not a peep!

It IS Summer vacation.

When I left at 4:30 this morning, it was raining. I had to tell them to get in the house and go to their beds. I hated to ruin their night out camping but I'd rather have them not get soaked!

They should sleep late today! It's something they'll always remember. It makes me happy I can do this for our kids.