Chad was being so nice. He wanted to give me an adapter that can have 3 things plugged into it like a GPS, a phone charger and my Ipod charger. When he plugged everything in, he blew the fuse.

Now, I know some things about cars but I had never looked to see where my fuses were for my Volkswagen.

I know where they are now. And figured out a few more things!

First, they were no extras. I had to go out and buy more. Luckily, the ones I needed came in a 5 pack for less than $3.

The panel was on the side of the dash that I removed by using my key to pop it open. On the panel it has a card that shows what fuse is for pictures. I found the cigarette lighter and found the corresponding slot on the chart. Took out the old fuse and popped the new one back in.

How easy is that? I had no idea! The only thing the panel doesn't show you is the amperage needed. Luckily, I looked and bought the right ones.

I know it's a simple thing. But doing your own maintenance, like changing your oil or air filter even your fuses can save you big money through the year. Which reminds me...I need an oil change...