My birthday was Sunday and I told Chad I didn't need anything for my birthday but cake and family. And that's exactly what I got...and a couple other things.

But the final gift didn't come until yesterday. And I am so glad it did!

When Chad proposed to me, he did it by singing 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not' by Thompson Square at the Clubhouse Tavern at the Maple Lane Golf Course. It was a complete surprise and I will post the video down below so you can see the actual proposal.

Well, I found out that Thompson Square along with Travis Thrasher, who has worked with country singer Jimmy Wayne for his book 'Paper Angels', wrote a book with him for that song! I wanted to buy it but I didn't have the money at the time.

On my birthday, Chad said it didn't arrive in time but he had a surprise for me. When it came in the mail I would know why it was so special.

And it IS!

I was by myself last night so I read the first 118 pages! It is SO good. I couldn't put the book down until I read the female character Casey say 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?'.

Thank you so much for my present, Chad. I'm glad that day was as special to you as it was to me!